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Doll Houses (for everyone).

I made Owen a doll house. I had been wanting him to have one ever since we went into World of Mirth and he really loved the Calico Critters doll house they had out. A little Rabbit and Mouse family was living in it.

Several months later we were getting some ice cream next door and a little boy’s mother told him to stop playing the patty cake game he was cheerfully singing because, “Little boys don’t play games like that… they play with action figures.”

That sealed the deal. My son was getting a doll house. I got the idea to make one out of a cd holder from Angry Chicken. I’m really happy with it. Owen really really liked it for about a day and now he uses it as a place to park his fire truck… I tried.

I added some felt carpet, cut pictures out of an Ikea catalog and planted a button “garden on the back.┬áIt was really fun to make.


Super cheery doll house complete with pink trim.

Doll house complete with a button garden.

Button gardens attract butterfly stickers.



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