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Greem, Yew-wo and Orangin


I’ll be so sad when Owen starts to pronounce words the correct way. He used to say “greem” and “yew-wo” but now they are just plain old “green” and “yellow.” He still says “orangin” instead of “orange,” which I love. Another favorite is “chicken” instead of “kitchen.” Conversations go something like this

Mom: Owen, where’s Zach’s Spider Man figure? We need to give it back.
Owen: It’s in the chicken!

That’s awesome. The neighbor kids giggle and say, “he said chicken. haha” and I kindly tell them not to correct him.

Happy Friday folks. Have a good weekend!

I love these lyrics. They remind of living in our Church Hill apartment above Wilhemenia.

But in the meantime we’ve got it hard
Second floor living without a yard
It may be years until the day
My dreams will match up with my pay



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More Morning Musings with Owen Bruce Mark

He’s at it again. I love this kid.

Owen: I want to watch cartoons.
Mom: No honey, it’s too early for cartoons. Don’t you want to hang out in the kitchen with me and listen to music?
Owen: I don’t waaaant to listen to music! It makes me sick.
Mom: It makes you sick?!
Owen: Yes. Will you go to Dr. Suess with me?

Owen uses “sick” in a lot of ways now. When he doesn’t want to eat something it’s because it makes him sick or it’s stinky (italics because there is a LOT of voice inflection). This morning he wanted some of the pumpkin bread I made yesterday. It’s more like cake than bread so I said we should save it for later. I offered up some onion cheese loaf I also made as a better breakfast alternative. He ate it up yesterday, but today it makes him sick.

How about some more music? It’s Friday. Why not. This is Breathe Owl Breathe. My friend Sean had their song “Playing Dead” on a mix he made and that was my first introduction to them. The album is Ghost Glaciers. This video is from Bliss Feast in Northern Michigan. Are you serious?! I love N. Michigan… and BLISS FEAST? How awesome does that sound?!

p.s. Owen loves watching this video. His response was, “I can do that with my guitar.” Someday kiddo. Someday. In the meantime he bangs empty paper towel rolls together (in pretty good time I might add) while he stomps his foot.


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Music and Morning Mayhem

Owen climbed in our bed this morning completely naked. The conversation went something like this

Dad: Owen, why are you naked?
Owen: Because I have no clothes on.
Ha! Real answer: Because my Sponge Bob Square Pants pjs are wet. Good Morning Mom!

Since then there has been a lot of drama… tripping falling up stairs, running into french doors, lots of cream-o-wheat everywhere. Thankfully mom kisses still solve most problems, and big messes no long phase me in the slightest.

Good Morning. Maybe some music will get things back on track. Josh Ritter seems rainy-day appropriate.

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Conversations with Owen


This morning while I was standing at the kitchen sink Owen was using the hand mixer beaters as drum sticks on his play dough containers. This is what I heard.

Owen: (gibber gabber)…… glockenspiel ….
Mom: Did you just say glockenspiel?!

I remember a little thing on Sesame Street about the glockenspiel. He’s not really into SS anymore (Now TV time is Super Why and Dinosaur Train) and hasn’t watched it for months. It’s funny what kids remember.

And sometimes it’s not funny…He also remembers the one and only curse word on The Sandlot. On more than one occasion he has shouted it out. I explain we don’t talk like that and he informs me “Benny (Vinnie) says sh*t ¬†at the baseball field!” (Thankfully it’s only been at home and not the grocery store or during church… did I just jinx myself?) It’s a shame too because it’s such a cute movie. Owen is a baseball fanatic and it’s PG movie. What could go wrong? Now we know. Well be sticking with the G rating from here on out.

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Conversations with Owen


Owen: (smells Don’s head): Your head smells like pancakes.
Don: (smells Owen’s head): Your head smells like pancakes.
Owen: No. My head smells like mangos.

Tonight during dinner.
Mom: it’s pretty good, huh? (the soup)
Owen: No…it’s not bad.

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A Conversation With Owen.

Don and I have been going to Highland Methodist Church here in Colonial Heights. I really, really like it and recently joined a new Bible study class entitled “An Invitation to John.” Other than reading individual scriptures in the context of reading something else or in a sermon I’ve never studied the Bible seriously.

I wish I enjoyed it. I love listening to my Aunt Ginny or my mom or any one talk about reading something from the Bible and feeling Peace and like God is talking directly to them. I don’t feel that way. At all. At least not yet. I get this panicky, overwhelmed feeling. This past Sunday night was the first Bible Study and I had that constant embarrassed blush that makes your body feel like it’s on fire. Whenever I blurted out what I was thinking I felt like a total idiot.

Today, just when I was feeling totally in over my head and ready to call it quits Owen rides his tricycle up to porch…

Owen: Let me see that book.
Mom: No honey, I’m reading it.
Owen looks at cover
Mom: Do you know what book this is? It’s the Bible.
Owen: God wrote that for you.
Mom: :shocked face: Yes he did.

Wow! Kids are so smart! Where do they get this stuff? Needless to say, it made me feel better. It was written for me. More the reason to try and bumble my way through it.


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