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Celebrating the Belly

Two weeks and 3 days to go… but lets say a prayer she gets here sooner 🙂 It’s been a smooth pregnancy physically, but it has been quite the emotional journey. Not only because of my hopes for a VBAC (which I’ve been lucky to meet one women after another who has a beautiful, successful VBAC story that is totally inspiring). And various baby development scares (the latest being “she’s too small.”) It’s been a growing experience for sure. Sometimes it feels more like stretching than growing. We’ve learned a lot about ourselves. So that makes me thankful for the ups AND the downs as well. And we certainly haven’t been alone. I am so blessed to have such wonderful people in my life who have helped make this pregnancy even more special (and the scary parts less scary). I’m grateful to have sounding board for my fears and women surrounding me who are just as excited as I am about our Little Bell Pepper.

Ms. Zoe made and painted this lovely belly cast for me. This is the belly around 35 weeks.

These are the girls in my hood. Lia had a little party for me and Ms. Lucy and she had a henna artist came and painted the belly. I’m not standing like that because I’m showing it off… it was just drying 🙂 From Left to Right: Zoe, Lia, Amanda, Sara, Melissa (has moved but drove from Delaware!), me, Vittoria, and Shea (who just had a baby girl this past Sunday!). And our friend Lindsey was in labor with her baby boy when this picture was being taken!

Everyone there that day was connected with a single piece of thread and then Zoe cut each bracelett off. We’ll be wearing them until the little lady arrives. So for their sake let’s hope that’s soon because the yarn is getting a little funky 🙂

Here’s the belly after the henna set. Owen is going to be an amazing big brother.

I found a book at our library titled, “What’s in your tummy, Mommy.” It’s a month by month picture book of babies development. You can read it holding it up to your belly and your child can see how big their sibling is.

All my love you wonderful people you!

For good measure, I’m posting this song again. Just because, there’s no place like home:

** I know I’ve been a bit slack on this whole blog thing (my mother has been gently asking when I was going to post something again). We went camping at Kiptopeak State Park on the Eastern Shore. Mom, Dad, and my Grandparents came down for a visit. We have our chickens now and they are getting big. All kinds of crazy good stuff has been growing in the garden. Cloth diapers arrived in the mail. Owen’s been a character as usual and we’ve been making the best of this insane heat wave (it broke a bit today and we enjoyed some time down by the river). Don’s on the church softball team, and I’ve yet to bring the camera with me for that. We have Lucy’s room all done up (Evergreen made the crib blanket, Zoe made the curtains) even though we plan on cosleeping for a while. I’ll get some pictures up… as soon as I take some. **



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