Letters from Owen

“Dear Adain. I write other letters down that say Dear Noah and up here says dear tooth fairy.”

“Dear Grammie and NiNi, thanks for playin with me. I get to…(voice trails off)”
“What does it say?”
“I already told you!!”

Sorry Grammie and NiNi, I can’t translate the rest of this note.

“Dear Bailey and Dear Mama and Dear Grandma and Dear Me and Dear Grammie. Other tooth fairy take care of my teeth when my tooth falls out. See? It’s the same thing.”

I’m guessing he got the tooth fairy stuff from PBS.

Another day Owen made a smiley face.


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  1. Got to love the creativeness of our little ones. Kalyssa’s first picture was of a ghost (as she called it. It was a big circle with stick arms and legs). If only we knew exactly what they were really trying to say in all that writing.

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