Flying Squirrels

We took this picture right before the Flying Squirrels game in Richmond. We went with some friends from church and it was a great time. Richmond played the Bowie Baysox, which is an Orioles AA team. There must be a curse, because the Bowie Baysox were just as terrible as their major league affiliate. It was still a blast.

After the game Owen (and hundreds of other kids) got to run the bases around the field. Our big boy looked so tiny running along side all of the big kids. He was very careful to make sure he hit every single base. Don waited in line with Owen at the first base gate (parents weren’t allowed to go with their kids, no matter how young) and I waited for him at the third base gate where the kids exited.

I half expected Owen to be too nerves to go onto the field by himself… I guess I forgot for a moment how much the kid loves baseball. An older boy took his hand to get him started and off they went. As he rounded third base I made sure I was right at the entrance so he wouldn’t get swallowed up in the crowd. He was so cute!

I thanked his little friend for helping and you know what that kid did? Took Owen’s hand, walked away and waited for Don. He didn’t know me from a hole in the wall so he waited to make sure Owen got to the parent he knew he belonged with. Which was Don. It was awesome. I wish I had met his parents to tell them what a good job they’d done raising their son.


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  1. I remember one of Owen’d first words/phrases being “Ba-ball” – he’s getting so big!

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