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Highland Community Garden

If we pray, we will believe. If we believe, we will love. If we love, we will serve. Mother Teresa

We had a garden party at church on Saturday. Not the fancy tea and crumpets kind, but the get your hands in the dirt kind. The rain held off and it was followed up by a cookout and some bocce ball.

I’ve been in a class on Wednesday nights at Highland at it’s been quite an experience. At one point I actually planned on dropping out. I was leaving each week with more questions than I had to begin with and no answers. It’s been overwhelming.

I recently learned Israel literally means to struggle (strive, contend, wrestle) with God. It does not mean, God’s people who have everything figured out. Talk about a relief.

I wish it [Christianity] were more productive of good works. I mean real good works… not holy-day keeping, sermon hearing or making long prayers filled with flatteries. Benjamin Franklin

I’m glad we found a place that works to serve others. And I’m not just talking about the garden, or the community dinner every week, or the feeding ministry in Petersburg, or backing USDA bags at the food panty in Colonial Heights… all those things are fantastic.

We talked last week about “Christian living” and what that means. And it all boils down to living with people trying to be Christians together. I’m glad to find that churches are full of people just as screwed up as I am. Trying, striving, struggling… and serving our community. Because we’re all in this together.



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