I went in for a follow-up yesterday for the spot found on my ovaries four weeks ago. The doctor said they would like to continue monitoring it on a monthly basis as it’s changed some.

They also found fluid in Little Girl’s left kidney that was not detected at 20 weeks. This and the spot on her heart are both “soft markers” for Down’s syndrome. Most articles, including this one, say these are poor indicators on their own. Our chances increase a lot now that there are multiple “markers.” This is something else they will have to check on again (around 34 weeks). If the spot grows between now and then they mayl have to operate after she is born. I’m trying not to jump to conclusions of lifelong treatments on kidney dialysis or heart problems, hearing loss and other health complications due to Downs Syndrome, but it has been a long 24 hours…. not even. Ugh. Trusting God and leaving the worry in His hands is so much easier said than done.



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4 responses to “Ultrasound

  1. I am so sorry to hear that sweetie!! I sure hope everything goes well and things turn out great in the end. If you want to talk you know where to find me 🙂

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  3. Susan Webber

    Morgan and Don,

    Morgan, your Mom just e-mailed me the link to yours and Don’s website.

    I will let the girls know.

    It probably won’t help any (different women; different babies; different stories) but a friend of ours, Terri Eddington ( you could find her on Facebook) had a similar scare when they were pregnant with their 3rd son and he was born healthy. It is possible God intervened (always a very real possibility) but either way, everything turned out fine in their case. But I also remember how frightening it was for them living with the possibility.

    We will be remembering you and yours…

    Love, Aunt Susan

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