Socialized Medicine

Here is a recording done by Ronald Reagan 1961. Rush Limbaugh played this clip on his show. Was Regan predicting the future??? Nope. He was talking about Medicare. Rush fails to mention this fact in his show. I actually made it through the 8 min segment to see if he would. (I wanted to burn my ears off afterwards.) Rush says Reagan is referring to what was “Hillary Care.” Fast forward 40 years later and we still have Medicare. Rush may be hopped up on prescription drugs, but I think even he is aware we have Medicare in this country. And guess what. Freedom as we know it has not come to a crashing halt.


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  1. Wow, what a visionary. And now it’s on our doorstep because no one listened. Doctor visit: $125. Medicare paid $5.00, and probably cost the taxpayers $300 in bureaucracy and paperwork to pay that. Priceless. I sure wish I had my private insurance back.

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