Countdown to spring…

Only four more days to go folks and it will be official! This month we’ve enjoyed some beautiful sunny days mixed in with the cold and rain. We’ve made the most of the nice weather. We got a couple of flower beds ready and Highland Methodist Church’s softball team has started practice, which Don is thrilled about.

These pictures are from a walk around our neighborhood earlier this month. Normally Owen rides his tricycle (although he is now the proud new owner of a bike with training wheels, so we’ll keep you posted on that) or rides in the wagon. On this day he decided he wanted to “ride his horse.” It was a gift from Grammie and Owen loves it. This is was the first time he’d decided to take it beyond our yard though.

I love this sweater that was made by Owen’s NiNi. Isn’t she talented?!

Owen was proud of this pinecone he found at the Violet Bank Museum. He wanted to add it to “our pinecone collection.”

We saw a bunch of birds that let us get surprisingly close.

Owen decided to plop himself down for a break in someone’s front yard….

…. so he could “feed” his horse.

How have you been enjoying the sunshine?


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