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You are loveable

I’m not usually a Valentines Day kind of gal. If you are like me, watch this video from Kindness Girl and you just may find a new mission for the day. At the very least you’ll enjoy some wonderful warm fuzzies. Happy Valentines Day! YOU are loveable.



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Owen the superhero (an epic adventure)

Owen as a superhero. (Yet another great use for play silk!)

Owen changes his mind and decides a red cape is more superhero like. I agree.

Mom: What are your superhero powers?
Owen: To save the day!!
Mom: Who do you save?
Owen: People who fall down.

Then he decides he wants to play hospital. I tell him he has brain injury.

Owen tells me my diagnosis is wrong. His head is fine. He really has two, not one — but two, broken arms.  (He looks kind of happy about that in this picture doesn’t he?)

Mom: Here, take some pain medicine (hands Super Hero a play plastic salt shaker).
Owen: (pretends to take “medicine”)
Mom: Let’s put an ice pack on your arm (super goop I made last week).

Mom: Did it work?
Owen: No. I need chocolate.
Mom goes and makes hot chocolate because she is super.

Mom: How did you break your bones Super Hero?
Owen: The kids came to my house and broke my bones.

Obviously a lousy superhero, Owen decides to get a new day job. He puts on a tie, picked up a brief case (backgammon game), ends our nice picnic at the table in his room by setting down his sandwich and informing me, “Sorry mom. Can’t eat lunch. Have to go to work.”

Here he is driving to work. Sometimes he’d leave work to fly to the store — on the same bench. I imagine he must do some important work.

Mom: What kind of work do you do?
Owen: I don’t know…. I’m a mad men.

Owen my dearest, you crack me up.

Note to self: Make Owen a super hero mask so I don’t have to scrub  face paint off his face next time. (He had to go to the park like this).

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Speaking of being pregnant, here is a picture from our trip to California last month. Cameron, Owen and Little Bell Pepper at Disneyland.


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The Refridgerator Box Makeover

Months ago I found the Holy Grail of appliance boxes. Lighthouse Furniture and Appliance in Petersburg. Don’t bother going to the chains, just check out the local independent guys.

The owner of Lighthouse Appliance was curious about what I would need a refridgerator box for. I told him i had a 3 year old. He just smiled and asked me to follow him to the back of the store. There, complete with artificial flower landscaping and Dora the Explorer flag, sat a huge refridgerator box house his grandkids had decorated. They spent hours back there.

It turns out, Lighthouse SAVES there boxes just in case people (like me) want them. I could build an entire appliance box village if I wanted to. One of the older grandchildren (maybe in highschool?) took me the the warehouse, helped me find an empty box in good condition and helped me load it into the car. They are so wonderful and I hope that my next trip up there is for a dishwasher 🙂

Refridgerator Box + Bulletin Board Paper = Endless Possibilities…

Above: The inside of the door is covered with a large sheet of paper so Owen and his friends can draw. I also but of a small piece of velcro so we could change the signs on the door easily. Below: The mail box on the side of the building is just a cereal box covered in duct tape. Now I have a place for our junk mail before it hits the recycling bin.

JoJo was Owen’s first customer. I glued craft foam to a strip of cardboard to make the awning.

That first day The Box was a Grocery Store, but the next day it was a Toy Store. It will be fun to see whatelse Owen comes up with.

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Marshmallow Sculpture

This is a fun art project that doesn’t take any prep work. Mini marshmallows and toothpicks. Voila! However, stale mini marshmallows work the best, so if you plan in advance you can spread the marshmallows in a large baking pan and leave exposed to air for a couple of weeks or until they loose their softness and feel hard to the touch. These were fresh and they worked just fine. Most of them never made it onto the sculpture though. I’ll have to keep my eyes open for the fruity colorful kind for the next time.

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Handful of Scribbles

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Oodles of Noodles

Owen loved glueing noodles to cardboard (I cut the side off of a cereal box). The next day, after it had dried he painted it.

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