A Tale of Two Costumes.

Still without a costume the day before Halloween I decided Owen was going to be a robot. We’d just spent Friday morning at a playdate and my friend Melissa had made a robot body out of a box and duct tape for her kids to play with. Owen thought it was really exciting. At home I didn’t have duct tape, but I did have tin foil. This is what I came up with…

… It wasn’t fantastic, but it was good enough. Owen loved the robot body…


…he refused to wear the robot head. We even tried scaring him.


Which was fun, but didn’t result in Owen wearing the robot head.

_MG_3078 (1)

Don and I thought wrapping Owen’s bike helmet in foil was a good compromise. Owen disagreed.


I ran to the store and bought face paint…


and glued felt to his clothes and stuck gym socks to the side of his head…


…and he was a puppy. A darn cute one too!


Colonial Heights has a fantastic community Halloween event at the park. We went there first and played games and looked at all of the cute costumes, got candy and ate popcorn.

The weather was perfect.


The volunteers let Owen cheat at bowling…


…and at football.


This is the closest I got to being dressed up.


Joe was the cutest skunk on the planet!


Drew and Shea dressed up as each other.


This lady let stand close and throw the ball five times.


The park filled up pretty quick and we moved on to Owen’s first time Trick-or-Treating. He got over being shy around strangers really quick. Ha! And he was good about saying “thank you” so folks could hear him (he usually whispers it when he doesn’t know someone). There was only one house he found too spooky to walk up to so they brought the candy out to him. He took it — suspiciously.

After on block of candy collecting we hung out with some friends and watched the kids coming up to their house. This was Owen’s favorite part of the night. He gave the other kids candy out of his bag and made commentary on the costumes. My personal favorite was, “That guy Crazy!”

How was your Halloween?



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2 responses to “A Tale of Two Costumes.

  1. danaleimbach

    I’m with you Owen B…I love puppies.

  2. The robot costume was very cute Morgan, too bad Owen did not want to wear it. However, he was extremely adorable as a puppy. Great job on both costumes mom!!!

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