Better than the original

Let’s start with the obvious. There is not question as to who owns this 80’s gem:

With no disrespect to Bob Dylan, I love this cover by Magnet. I wouldn’t say better, but it’s goooood:

Ted Leo covering Kelly Clarkson/the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Genius. So enjoyable in fact, that I couldn’t even be mad about the most perfect pop song ever not having original guitar riffs:

I found this video via So Fawned yesterday (which is fabulous blog btw). 5000% of Beyonce fans are actually hipsters. Who knew:

What covers do you think are better than the original?



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2 responses to “Better than the original

  1. timewellspent

    I’m sort of obsessed with covers. Here are a few:

    Blue Oyster Cult’s “Don’t Fear the Reaper” by The Beautiful South. They actually make it sound sort of tropical and groovy.

    Alan Parson’s “Eye in the Sky” by Jonatha Brooke. She made this song so poignant and lovely. I never paid attention to the words before.

    Britney’s “Everytime” by Glen Hansard. He could sing a McDonald’s jingle and it would move me to tears.

    Destiny’s Child’s “Independent Women” by Elbow. It’s just funny to hear them sing, “Throw your hands up at me.”

    I could go on. I’m gonna make you a CD!

  2. rvamama

    i bow down to your cover song knowledge! i think the destiny’s child cover is my favorite. i’ve never heard the original Britney spear’s song, but that glen hansard is brilliant! he makes me weepy too.

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