Owen’s Church Shenanigans

Like many churches, Highland has a “children’s time.” Truth be told, this little segment of Sunday worship is just as much for the adults in the congregation as it is for the kiddos. Today I asked Owen if he wanted to go up to the front when Rev. Keith signaled the youngest of the congregation for children’s time. Usually Owen isn’t too interested. I ask him ever week and ever week he says, “No thanks.”

Then he has become the Associate Pastor’s biggest fan. He thinks Drew is the cooooolest. So this Sunday when I asked if he wanted to go up front he started to say “No thanks” and then he saw Drew. Owen said “Yep” and ran down the center aisle, rushed right past Rev. Ritchie and the other good little tikes sitting around his feet and hopped right up behind the pulpit where Rev. Wilson, Drew, was sitting. “Flushed with embarrassment” would be an understatement. Drew graciously brought Owen down with the other kids and sat with him. And then I, and everyone else at the morning service, found out Owen is going to be Batman for Halloween. Does anyone have the slightest idea where I can find a Batman costume?

This isn’t related but I’ve been in a music mood lately and I looove this song. I have Blitzen Trappers “Wild Mountain Nation” album, but heard this song for the first time today via Ms. Milkweeds facebook page. It gives me goosebumps.

Goosebumps. And it’s a story about a guy who turns into a wolf. It’s beautiful. Here are the lyrics.


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