Took the words out of my mouth…

I just discovered a great blog today. Each entry is a pleasure to read, but when I read her post Church I felt like I’d known her forever. What a writer that Ms Cary Milkweed is!  Don and I recently found a church that we attend on a regular basis. *Gasp* In fact, we weren’t able to go last Sunday due to sickness and I missed being there. I was really excited to get to Bible study that night (an Invitation to John… I think I’ve mentioned this).

My new found excitement for God, Church, religion has caused some discomfort in more than one friendship. I’m certain that this will work itself out. Especially when my friends realize I’m not going to join the man I was stuck behind in traffic today with his huge, lift kit pickup with the cab reading: REPENT followed by a scripture, which I never got to because I was so fixated on the 500 point font. Shiver. I had to repeat, “don’t be judgmental. don’t be judgmental. don’t be judgmental” over and over again.

However, I had an epiphany this week while my friend Zoe was standing in my kitchen. She asked me how my friend was doing with me being a Christian. Me? A Christian? Normally, upon hearing with the ‘C’ word I would’ve cringed inside. Until recently “Christian” is not a label I would’ve wanted for myself and once I wanted the label I didn’t feel very worthy of it.

Owen and I went out to Leslie’s folks house to help decorate for the wedding and I told Zoe about my “A-ha” moment. She gave me the greatest compliment anyone has ever give me. She said (I’m paraphrasing here), “You should own it. It suites you.” Wow. What a nice thing to say to someone.

So I’m going to church and I’m thrilled about. I’m sorry I missed it last Sunday, but I was there two weeks ago for this sermon. I’ve been wanting to blog about it for awhile, but I didn’t want folks to think I’ve gotten too churchy. Maybe I have, as I’ve been patiently awaiting the podcast of the sermon I missed. Cary, pass me the chocolate.


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  1. danaleimbach

    Hey Moags…love your comments and honesty. Can’t wait to head to Virginny…Can’t wait to see You and Don and Owen B…Can’t wait to meet Drew. If he’s OwenB’s friend…he’s a friend of mine. I love you and love love love love love your blog. Goodnight. Love you more than more than more than more than more. Mom

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