Meet the Elstons!

Zoe and Leslie Elston

Zoe and Leslie Elston. October 17, 2009.

What an amazing wedding! Their vows were incredible, everything was homemade (and I mean everything!) and you couldn’t meet two lovelier people. A lot of love went into each aspect of the ceremony and reception and it really showed. Here are just a few shots on Don’s photo page, but ya’ll don’t get to see any more than that until they do 🙂 Congratulations girls! Thank you again for sharing your day with us.



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2 responses to “Meet the Elstons!

  1. timewellspent

    Look how lovely! Are they back at the house, or on a honeymoon? I want to bring some champagne by there.

  2. rvamama

    I know they’ll be out of town tonight. They may be back tomorrow but I’m not sure. But Chris will be home so if you see the Vespa outside you can still drop it off.
    It was such a fun wedding to shoot. They were super easy to take pictures of. Seriously photogenic people. We spent the morning editing photos. The emotions were priceless! I can’t wait for Zoe and Leslie to see them.

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