One Year Ago Today….

a little lady named Frankie Love (real name) married us in a gazebo in her backyard in Nelson County. How are we going to celebrate? We are planting an apple tree in our front yard. I hear the first year is paper. Paper. Trees. Close enough.

417150038__mg_0606 thanks again seth and emily!


Carytown. Richmond, VA


Checkout that Obama t-shirt!


best wedding photo ever

to be continued....

to be continued....



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4 responses to “One Year Ago Today….

  1. Happy One year anniversary! Here is to many more wonderful years 🙂

  2. Evergreen

    Happy anniversary!
    Having you in our family is the best gift we ever had and I believe the happiness will be continued………forever.

  3. timewellspent

    LOVE those photos!

    Happy anniversary!

  4. rvamama

    evergreen, all of my friends are totally jealous that i have such an awesome mother-in-law.

    and thanks girls! we love our photos too. our friends did this for us. i’m amazed at how creative they were. seth has shot a lot of weddings, but i image it would be hard to think of wedding photo ops when you don’t have an actual wedding. he just had two people walking around carytown. they turned out brilliant.

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