More Morning Musings with Owen Bruce Mark

He’s at it again. I love this kid.

Owen: I want to watch cartoons.
Mom: No honey, it’s too early for cartoons. Don’t you want to hang out in the kitchen with me and listen to music?
Owen: I don’t waaaant to listen to music! It makes me sick.
Mom: It makes you sick?!
Owen: Yes. Will you go to Dr. Suess with me?

Owen uses “sick” in a lot of ways now. When he doesn’t want to eat something it’s because it makes him sick or it’s stinky (italics because there is a LOT of voice inflection). This morning he wanted some of the pumpkin bread I made yesterday. It’s more like cake than bread so I said we should save it for later. I offered up some onion cheese loaf I also made as a better breakfast alternative. He ate it up yesterday, but today it makes him sick.

How about some more music? It’s Friday. Why not. This is Breathe Owl Breathe. My friend Sean had their song “Playing Dead” on a mix he made and that was my first introduction to them. The album is Ghost Glaciers. This video is from Bliss Feast in Northern Michigan. Are you serious?! I love N. Michigan… and BLISS FEAST? How awesome does that sound?!

p.s. Owen loves watching this video. His response was, “I can do that with my guitar.” Someday kiddo. Someday. In the meantime he bangs empty paper towel rolls together (in pretty good time I might add) while he stomps his foot.



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2 responses to “More Morning Musings with Owen Bruce Mark

  1. Chloe

    I love how you can hear the kids yelling in the background. Michigan in the summertime is magical and perfect. We spend time in Grand Haven (maybe 4 hours south of the Fest) and Bliss is definitely on my list of things to do now.

  2. rvamama

    That sounds and looks so wonderful! I like the kids yelling, the folks hiking through in the background, the birds chirping… the “whoop” when they start to jam out (about 2:40) 🙂 You watch it and think “I want to be THERE.”

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