Music and Morning Mayhem

Owen climbed in our bed this morning completely naked. The conversation went something like this

Dad: Owen, why are you naked?
Owen: Because I have no clothes on.
Ha! Real answer: Because my Sponge Bob Square Pants pjs are wet. Good Morning Mom!

Since then there has been a lot of drama… tripping falling up stairs, running into french doors, lots of cream-o-wheat everywhere. Thankfully mom kisses still solve most problems, and big messes no long phase me in the slightest.

Good Morning. Maybe some music will get things back on track. Josh Ritter seems rainy-day appropriate.


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One response to “Music and Morning Mayhem

  1. Owen is such a sweet child Morgan. I started laughing after reading the beginning of your post! I also have to agree with you about the mommy kisses. Every time Kalyssa gets hurt or just does not feel like herself, mommy kisses always makes things better. However, I also know that one day those kisses will not heal everything. I honestly have to say that I am NOT looking forwards to the day that happens, but I am enjoying every single bit of it right now!

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