Life would not be complete without Youtube

Don thought this video was so good he took a break from watching the Steelers/Chargers game to make me watch it. “This post has 26 million views and you’re not one of them?!” Nope. But it really was that good. Super fun folks with some super fun friends. Don said he saw an interview clip with them (Good Morning America or something) and they thought this up an hour before hand. Wow! Seriously wish I could’ve been at that reception!

That makes me happy!



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4 responses to “Life would not be complete without Youtube

  1. I saw this as well. I absolutely enjoyed it. My sister wanted to do something like this for her wedding next summer.

  2. rvamama

    apparently it went around like wild fire about a month ago. i’m not sure where i was? ha! better late than never. i saw the ‘save the date’ cards you made for her wedding. cute!

  3. She sent it to me the day it came out. She was all for all of us doing something like that, but now she is looking at her and my dad doing it instead. So who knows what is up!

    Thanks!! I thought they were cute myself 🙂

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