Conversations with Owen


This morning while I was standing at the kitchen sink Owen was using the hand mixer beaters as drum sticks on his play dough containers. This is what I heard.

Owen: (gibber gabber)…… glockenspiel ….
Mom: Did you just say glockenspiel?!

I remember a little thing on Sesame Street about the glockenspiel. He’s not really into SS anymore (Now TV time is Super Why and Dinosaur Train) and hasn’t watched it for months. It’s funny what kids remember.

And sometimes it’s not funny…He also remembers the one and only curse word on The Sandlot. On more than one occasion he has shouted it out. I explain we don’t talk like that and he informs me “Benny (Vinnie) says sh*t  at the baseball field!” (Thankfully it’s only been at home and not the grocery store or during church… did I just jinx myself?) It’s a shame too because it’s such a cute movie. Owen is a baseball fanatic and it’s PG movie. What could go wrong? Now we know. Well be sticking with the G rating from here on out.


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  1. Owen loves the same shows as Kalyssa. When super why is on, she runs up to the tv screen and points out to words as well as says all the letters. We are actually watching dinosaur train right now….. she is glued to it 🙂

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