Vintage Cameras and Books


vintage camera and book display

Everyone has books on their shelves that they have never read and if you are honest with yourself, will probably never read (The Perfect Storm). Or that book you enjoyed but will never read again (The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time). I took three such books off the shelf and turned them into art. Last night Don and I actually got around to hanging them up (we used plate hangers).

My grandmother gave me the small shelves when we moved into our house. I really liked them but wasn’t sure where to hang them and what to put on them. I had them sitting out where I could look at them until inspiration struck.

Here is the finished product. Cameras and books — two of our favorite things. We still have some photography we need to print and the dinning room will be complete!



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2 responses to “Vintage Cameras and Books

  1. danaleimbach

    Wow that is totally inspired. Love it!!! What a clever idea. Thanks for sharing. Love, Mom

  2. I absolutely love it girl! Great job 🙂

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