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Better than the original

Let’s start with the obvious. There is not question as to who owns this 80’s gem:

With no disrespect to Bob Dylan, I love this cover by Magnet. I wouldn’t say better, but it’s goooood:

Ted Leo covering Kelly Clarkson/the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Genius. So enjoyable in fact, that I couldn’t even be mad about the most perfect pop song ever not having original guitar riffs:

I found this video via So Fawned yesterday (which is fabulous blog btw). 5000% of Beyonce fans are actually hipsters. Who knew:

What covers do you think are better than the original?



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Owen’s Church Shenanigans

Like many churches, Highland has a “children’s time.” Truth be told, this little segment of Sunday worship is just as much for the adults in the congregation as it is for the kiddos. Today I asked Owen if he wanted to go up to the front when Rev. Keith signaled the youngest of the congregation for children’s time. Usually Owen isn’t too interested. I ask him ever week and ever week he says, “No thanks.”

Then he has become the Associate Pastor’s biggest fan. He thinks Drew is the cooooolest. So this Sunday when I asked if he wanted to go up front he started to say “No thanks” and then he saw Drew. Owen said “Yep” and ran down the center aisle, rushed right past Rev. Ritchie and the other good little tikes sitting around his feet and hopped right up behind the pulpit where Rev. Wilson, Drew, was sitting. “Flushed with embarrassment” would be an understatement. Drew graciously brought Owen down with the other kids and sat with him. And then I, and everyone else at the morning service, found out Owen is going to be Batman for Halloween. Does anyone have the slightest idea where I can find a Batman costume?

This isn’t related but I’ve been in a music mood lately and I looove this song. I have Blitzen Trappers “Wild Mountain Nation” album, but heard this song for the first time today via Ms. Milkweeds facebook page. It gives me goosebumps.

Goosebumps. And it’s a story about a guy who turns into a wolf. It’s beautiful. Here are the lyrics.

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Greem, Yew-wo and Orangin


I’ll be so sad when Owen starts to pronounce words the correct way. He used to say “greem” and “yew-wo” but now they are just plain old “green” and “yellow.” He still says “orangin” instead of “orange,” which I love. Another favorite is “chicken” instead of “kitchen.” Conversations go something like this

Mom: Owen, where’s Zach’s Spider Man figure? We need to give it back.
Owen: It’s in the chicken!

That’s awesome. The neighbor kids giggle and say, “he said chicken. haha” and I kindly tell them not to correct him.

Happy Friday folks. Have a good weekend!

I love these lyrics. They remind of living in our Church Hill apartment above Wilhemenia.

But in the meantime we’ve got it hard
Second floor living without a yard
It may be years until the day
My dreams will match up with my pay


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Dear Ira Glass,

You’re awesome.
Many Thanks,
Morgan Mark


If you’ve never listened to This American Life these episodes are a good place to start: The Breakup actually made me appreciate Phil Collins; 20 Acts in 60 Minutes was the first episode I ever listened to and I’ve been a die hard fan ever since; Superpowers, Invisible Man vs. Hawkman is great (and for the record, I would pick invisibility); What is this thing? features a story about “the greatest love story of the 21st century” and will make a Sarah Vowell fan for life. View from the other half is a great story too.; Switched at Birth is unbelievable, but be prepared to cry and/or get more than a little angry.

Happy listening. What’s your favorite episode?


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Took the words out of my mouth…

I just discovered a great blog today. Each entry is a pleasure to read, but when I read her post Church I felt like I’d known her forever. What a writer that Ms Cary Milkweed is!  Don and I recently found a church that we attend on a regular basis. *Gasp* In fact, we weren’t able to go last Sunday due to sickness and I missed being there. I was really excited to get to Bible study that night (an Invitation to John… I think I’ve mentioned this).

My new found excitement for God, Church, religion has caused some discomfort in more than one friendship. I’m certain that this will work itself out. Especially when my friends realize I’m not going to join the man I was stuck behind in traffic today with his huge, lift kit pickup with the cab reading: REPENT followed by a scripture, which I never got to because I was so fixated on the 500 point font. Shiver. I had to repeat, “don’t be judgmental. don’t be judgmental. don’t be judgmental” over and over again.

However, I had an epiphany this week while my friend Zoe was standing in my kitchen. She asked me how my friend was doing with me being a Christian. Me? A Christian? Normally, upon hearing with the ‘C’ word I would’ve cringed inside. Until recently “Christian” is not a label I would’ve wanted for myself and once I wanted the label I didn’t feel very worthy of it.

Owen and I went out to Leslie’s folks house to help decorate for the wedding and I told Zoe about my “A-ha” moment. She gave me the greatest compliment anyone has ever give me. She said (I’m paraphrasing here), “You should own it. It suites you.” Wow. What a nice thing to say to someone.

So I’m going to church and I’m thrilled about. I’m sorry I missed it last Sunday, but I was there two weeks ago for this sermon. I’ve been wanting to blog about it for awhile, but I didn’t want folks to think I’ve gotten too churchy. Maybe I have, as I’ve been patiently awaiting the podcast of the sermon I missed. Cary, pass me the chocolate.

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Meet the Elstons!

Zoe and Leslie Elston

Zoe and Leslie Elston. October 17, 2009.

What an amazing wedding! Their vows were incredible, everything was homemade (and I mean everything!) and you couldn’t meet two lovelier people. A lot of love went into each aspect of the ceremony and reception and it really showed. Here are just a few shots on Don’s photo page, but ya’ll don’t get to see any more than that until they do 🙂 Congratulations girls! Thank you again for sharing your day with us.


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One Year Ago Today….

a little lady named Frankie Love (real name) married us in a gazebo in her backyard in Nelson County. How are we going to celebrate? We are planting an apple tree in our front yard. I hear the first year is paper. Paper. Trees. Close enough.

417150038__mg_0606 thanks again seth and emily!


Carytown. Richmond, VA


Checkout that Obama t-shirt!


best wedding photo ever

to be continued....

to be continued....


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