Cat haircuts are funny

Funny for humans. Not funny for cats. Nice tail dude.

Seriously. Miles a.k.a.”The Marlon Brando of Cats” is a super lovey-dovey, twenty pound, high maintenance nightmare. When we adopted Miles two years ago from the SPCA he was a mess and I was indignant towards his previous owners for giving up a 4 1/2 year old member of their family. Who would do such a thing? How on earth could let such a beautiful cat become so matted?! Now I know. Shame on me for judging them.

Thankfully we found a place in town that actually works on cats (virtually impossible to find) and they are cheap and wonderful girls! Here is Mr. Man now. I’ll have to find some pictures of him with hair (he has a lot of it). Even without the reference point, it’s still funny.





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One response to “Cat haircuts are funny

  1. Jen

    AHHH MILES!!!! He looks so cute with the lion cut. hahahah

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