The Dress Up Box

Back by popular demand: The Dress Up Box. The neighborhood kids request it by name and it’s hysterical watching them play. They also got out a few puppets and put on a show while I did dishes. I’m inspired to try to make a doorway puppet theatre. (This design is cute too.) I think it would get a lot of use over time and I’d love to see what they came up with! Owen is a lot more interested in these toys since the older kids play with them. Later I had the privilege of watching their marching band …which was mostly percussion. They are so lucky they’re cute!

Zoe, Haley, Zach. Look out for Bird Man!

Zoe, Haley, Zach. Look out for Bird Man!

Owen, the kid eating hippo!

That blur is Owen, the kid eating hippo!

Rock Band.

Rock Band.



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3 responses to “The Dress Up Box

  1. The dress-up box opens a world of imagination in every child. Kalyssa has a smaller box, but I am going to be expanding it for her after Halloween is over. The bigger dress-up box is going to be one of her birthday gifts. I’m planning on hitting up the local Wal-mart to see what kind of costumes they have left. The biggest depressing thought it that the local thrift shop (good-will) in Fremont actually cost a whole lot more for used items then to go and buy new ones. How heart-breaking 😦

    By the way, they all look adorable 🙂

  2. rvamama

    isn’t that crazy?! it’s the same thing here in the richmond area. it must be because folks are catching on to how awesome goodwill is :). we’ll be looking at old costumes after halloween as well!

  3. danaleimbach

    Owen B is totally engrossed in the music. Me thinks there is a musician in the works. Love, Mom

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