Labor Day Weekend.

Better late than never.

Owen and I spent Labor Day weekend with Don’s side of the family while we was working. It was a wonderful visit. Evergreen gave me a cooking lesson and took me to the best Asian grocery store on the planet. We watched “The Godfather” together (I had never seen it! Shame on me!) which was one of my favorite times so far hanging out with my mother-in-law. King took Owen, Me and Emily to a National’s game. And I got to meet some of Emily’s friends at their house warming party. Here are the pictures. We mostly relaxed and just hung out. At the end of the long weekend Emily gave us a ride back home and hung out for a couple of days in Colonial Heights. It was lovely. Below are some highlights. And there are more pictures here.

ghard at work

hard at work

pillow fight

pillow fight

cruising in grandpa's car

cruising in grandpa's car



Proud Grandpa.

Proud Grandpa.


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