A Conversation With Owen.

Don and I have been going to Highland Methodist Church here in Colonial Heights. I really, really like it and recently joined a new Bible study class entitled “An Invitation to John.” Other than reading individual scriptures in the context of reading something else or in a sermon I’ve never studied the Bible seriously.

I wish I enjoyed it. I love listening to my Aunt Ginny or my mom or any one talk about reading something from the Bible and feeling Peace and like God is talking directly to them. I don’t feel that way. At all. At least not yet. I get this panicky, overwhelmed feeling. This past Sunday night was the first Bible Study and I had that constant embarrassed blush that makes your body feel like it’s on fire. Whenever I blurted out what I was thinking I felt like a total idiot.

Today, just when I was feeling totally in over my head and ready to call it quits Owen rides his tricycle up to porch…

Owen: Let me see that book.
Mom: No honey, I’m reading it.
Owen looks at cover
Mom: Do you know what book this is? It’s the Bible.
Owen: God wrote that for you.
Mom: :shocked face: Yes he did.

Wow! Kids are so smart! Where do they get this stuff? Needless to say, it made me feel better. It was written for me. More the reason to try and bumble my way through it.



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2 responses to “A Conversation With Owen.

  1. danaleimbach

    You are not alone. I get that overwelmed panicky feeling as well. I remember a story about a minister…84 yrs old…He was asked to speak. He crippled up to the potium and his sermon was short…”Jesus loves me…This I know…For the Bible tells me so. That was it….He crippled back to his chair and the audience was silent. The gospel message was simple and yet hard to do in our human condition….”Love Me…Love One Another”…I love you Moags and thankful for you and Don and my Owen B.

  2. Laura Long

    aww. that’s cute.

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