Composting. My new obsession.


Hello Beautiful.

I’m totally obsessed with my compost pile. I even took a picture of all of that decomposing organic goodness before I added more grass clippings yesterday. I have a whole new appreciation for my coffee grounds, egg shells, dryer lint, and those little pesky cheerios I find every where. And it makes me a little more sad when I see more yard waste than I can haul being put on the curb on trash day. Folks have a gold mine sitting out their and they are throwing it away. And come this spring they’ll be spending their hard earned money on bags of Miracle Grow topsoil. It makes no sense.

Fall is in the air and I’m charting out all the neighbors with large trees in their yards so I can come and get their leaves this fall. I plan on starting a second pile for leaf mold. Mmmm…. leaf mold.



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2 responses to “Composting. My new obsession.

  1. Janna

    You are so right! It does become an obsession. Composting is very rewarding. In fact, Bill and I were checking out our compost pile last evening and talking about how sad it is that more people don’t recycle. I don’t know if you have seen the picture of one of our flower beds I posted on FB, but we put weed cloth down, planted a few desert plants and filled in with recycled glass. It looks great and at night you can set candles down in the glass and it sparkles. There are two very clever women here in Lubbock who call themselves the “Green Queens” one is a a retired attorney, the other a retired professor. They started a business of recycling. They bring you the containers for glass, aluminum, paper, etc. they come by and pick the containers up twice a month and you pay $30.00 bucks a month. From there they get it to the appropriate recycling centers. Some people are so smart.
    I love you and can’t wait to meet Don and Owen.
    Have an awesome Labor Day Weekend!

  2. rvamama

    ooo… that sounds lovely. i’m going to go and check out your pictures right now!! where i live, you don’t even have to sort your recycling and they pick it up at your curb once a week. it doesn’t cost any extra for the service (it’s covered in your regular trash bill from the city). hello! it doesn’t get any easier than that!! and people STILL have up to 5 garbages cans infront of their house on trash day. grrrr…. it kills me. our family throws out one trash bag a week, and i want to cut even that in half (i started to make my own yogurt to avoid the plastic. i avoid plastic grocery bags like they are poison), i won’t buy anything that is individually wrapped (except gum). i kick myself for not cloth diapering (next time). but even if we didn’t try we would never produce 5 dumpsters of trash. seriously. what’s wrong with people?!
    i can’t wait for my favorite texans to meet don and owen too. i love you my aunt janna banana.

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