Chemistry: Volumes 1-4


Chemistry: Vol 1-4

I love making mix CDs. The only thing more fun than making the mix is making the cover art. The music is painstakingly chosen for the individual, but the cover art is purely for self gratification.

Don has personal collection entitled “Chemistry” from various milestones. Volume 1 was during our dating-long-distance phase when he decided to finish his degree at VCU and not Ohio State. Volume 2 was made after our engagement in 2007. Volume 3… I have no idea…. Volume 4 was Valentines day 2008.

Outside of Vol. 2

Outside of Vol. 2

Inside of Vol. 2

Inside of Vol. 2

I thought the fireworks on the back of Vol. 1 was particularly clever. Inside of Vol. 3

I thought the fireworks on the back of Vol. 1 was particularly clever. Inside of Vol. 3

“We are told that people stay in love because of chemistry, or because they remain intrigued with each other, because of my kindnesses, because of luck. But part of it has be forgiveness and gratefulness.” — Ellen Goodman

And now were are quickly approaching another milestone — our One Year Wedding Anniversary. It seems like it warrants more than a soundtrack. I have just over a month to get crackin and if I’m going to make anything remotely cool I better get started now. I’d love to do a video from still photos. But there are a couple of glitches in that plan. First, it would take a zillion photos and there aren’t that many of us together. Second, I haven’t the first clue on how to do such a thing. So today I’ve been listening the the CDs and hoping for inspiration

Here are some Highlights:

(Vol 1) The Reason: The Weakerthans
What a little Moonlight Can Do: Billie Holiday
Such Great Heights: The Postal Service
Love & Some Verses: Iron and Wine

(Vol 2) First Day of My Life: Bright Eyes
Red Shoes: Elvis Costello
Here Comes Your Man: The Pixies
I Walk the Line: Johnny Cash

(Vol 3) Love and Happiness: Al Green
Your Love: Omega Watts
Normandie: Shout out Louds
Our Day Trip: Nina Nastasia

(Vol 4) All This Time: Heartless Bastards
Just Say Yes: The Cure
Black Magic: Jarvis Cocker
My One Desire: Freakwater
Someone’s Calling: Modern English

Anyway… videos… inspiration…Help Me!
I’m particularly fond of this little video from Color Me Katie. What a fun, fun girl! Glad we aren’t the only one’s who get such a kick out of Ikea.


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  1. Oh, these are really neat!

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