One Man’s Trash…

Yesterday I came across four huge bags of grass clippings on a walk around the neighborhood with Owen. So I made a mental note to go and pick them up this morning before the garbage man hauled them to a landfill. My plants and compost pile would thank me later.

This morning, half a mile from my house sat this beauty:


The mohair is badly worn in spots and the upholstery has faded, but it is a beautiful piece, and the structure is in mint condition. I asked the homeowner if I could pull it away from the curb in case the garbage crew made it there before I found someone with a truck. She was more than happy to oblige the strange girl asking for her trash. Turns out the chair was once her mother’s… and she is 80!! It would’ve been a crime to have it crushed in a garbage truck.

I can’t wait for my mom to come visit so she can help me pick out fabric. I got an estimate on labor to have it professionally recovered, so unless I find someone with mad reupholstery skills (or my friend Zoe is truly the creative genius I think she is and we figure it out ourselves) my free piece of furniture could get a little pricey. Totally worth it. Any ideas on what to pair with a lime green, crushed velvet sofa?


And to think I was just thrilled to death over rotting yard waste.



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4 responses to “One Man’s Trash…

  1. timewellspent

    Wow! What a great find! I have got to get out walking more.

  2. Chloe

    I don’t think you have ever written something here that didn’t make me smile. That chair is seriously replacing-lawn-with-food karma! I found a really awesome book on reupholstering and was planning to tackle a chair of my own this fall. I’ll find the title for you so you can hit up the library.

  3. tackhome

    your neighbour must have altzeimers if she’s throwing out stuff like this (or maybe she’s a multi-millionare).

  4. rvamama

    thanks chloe! please let me know the title… and how your project goes. maybe zoey and i will recruit your services 🙂

    definitely not a millionaire. she moved into a much smaller home and just didn’t have the space anymore. (it shocking how wasteful people are though. i’m now on the hunt for a “new” dresser and i want some mismatched dinning room chairs. i’m sure i will find something on trash day sooner than later).

    a gentleman came out and shouted, “do you want a rug too?!” but she informed me that it was already spoken for by her daughter. so i actually wonder about her kids. even in it’s current state that chair is glorious (and a piece of family history since it was her grandmothers!!), but it doesn’t take stretching your imagination very far to see it’s great potential!

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