I dream about gardening.

I’m killing my front lawn. Soon.

Lawn is too kind a word. Lawn brings to mind pictures of green grass. Grass is inaccurate. Weeds is more precise. Mowing and hedging weeds seems silly. When it’s done the front yard looks nice a neat, but at the end of the day it’s still a patch of weeds. And that patch of weeds is a waste of the only section of yard that gets full sun (not to mention waste of fossil fuels using the mower on it). All that glorious sun is made for growing lovely things. Edible things. Not weeds.

This spring and summer I’ve enjoyed my potted lettuce and container cherry tomatoes and my herb garden by the kitchen door. Not to sound ungrateful, but it’s not enough. So this fall/ next spring the front lawn is getting the ax…0r smothered…with newspaper and compost. I can’t wait. In the mean time I dream of vegetables and perennials and spend way too much time in the gardening section of my local library.



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