“No cakes.”

IMG_6919Owen is talking up a storm now and stringing words together. All the books are right, it seems like it just happens over night. Here are some of my favorite phrase:

“Hold you!” This is usually when he is tired and wants to sleep. Instead of saying “hold me” he says “hold you.” Too cute.
“No cakes.” He is really saying, “No thanks.” He also says thank you in Chinese (Xie xie. Sounds like shay shay).
He asks to wash his hands a lot. I’m wondering how long that will last 🙂
“Look at me! Look at me!” Not that he’s vain or anything.
Oh, and ever since our trip to Ohio with Jena and Kai he’s been calling me “Morgan.” Funny. But we’re working on that one.



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2 responses to ““No cakes.”

  1. Jessica Smith

    I know exactly what you mean. Kalyssa is talking like crazy as well. She is saying up to three words at a time and they all run together to make some of the cutest words. Her favorite is “Ya yoo” (love you).

    I just cannot believe that they both will be 2.5 years old this month. Time sure has flown by. Soon they will be 3. Can you imagine that??

    Great blog and i love reading it!!!!

  2. danaleimbach

    Wonderful!!!!! Love blog and love you guys. Miss you

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