I Don’t Know.

My baby brother sent this video to me after Lisa Hannigan was on the Colbert Report. It’s great. I’m speechless.

Update: drinking my morning cup o’ joe and discovered ms. hannigan is from ireland. just thought that it was interesting since i posted the weekend of the irish festival… okay. maybe not that interesting.



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3 responses to “I Don’t Know.

  1. rylanreed

    Hey, Thanks for posting this! Even though some parts were a little bit weird, I really really enjoyed it!

  2. morgan

    your welcome 🙂 thanks for the comment. this was my introducion to ms. hannigan. i promptly downloaded her album “Sea Sew” off emusic. highly recommended.

  3. Good call, Dane. You may recognize her from Damien Rice records. It was apparently because he fired her unexpectedly (probably had something to do with sex, men, bah) that she began working more vigorously on her solo material. And lucky for us.

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