Surprise! We’re here!


For my long weekend off of work I decided to drive on up to Ohio and surprise the folks. Thursday Owen and I hit the road around 9 am and arrived in New London around 6:30. He was a traveling rock star! I stopped around lunch time to let him run around outside and I stopped briefly a second time for gas. Other than that he was a happy boy the entire way there (and back). My mom came to the garage door to see who was coming up the drive way. She saw us and flipped (We live for suprises in my family).

Friday Owen and I got to hang out with Grandma Shirly and Grandpa Russ. Grandpa showed Owen around his metal shop and let him sit on the tractor and the go-cart. Grandma pulled out toys from the upstairs closet. It brought back good memories. It’s funny the things that remember from when you were a kid (the teddy bear picnic basket!).

My Ohio family all gets together Saturday morning at Sterk’s in Wakeman for breakfast. Afterwards Mom (“Gammie”), my grandparents, Owen and myself went to Amish country and had a wonderful day! Owen was facinated by the horse and buggies. At one point he got a little frustrated with me when he wasn’t seeing them often enough (MOMMIE! NEE-HEE!!!). We went to what was quite possibly the best thrift store on the planet and then bought some fresh organic eggs for $1.25/dozen (!!!!) from a family in the area.

It was a wonderful time. I wish we all lived closer.


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One response to “Surprise! We’re here!

  1. Laura Long

    I forget about that picnic basket!!!!
    Cute picture of Grandpa & Owen.

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