Thrifty Thursday: Play kitchen.

Children are natural mimics — they act like their parents in spite of every attempt to teach them good manners.

I’d been wanting to buy Owen a play kitchen once he started taking a real interest in helping out in the kitchen and playing pretend. My first choice had been a baby blue, retro Kid Kraft kitchen I’d seen in Wondertime magazine. As luck would have it they were selling it for much less at Costco — in red! Even better! Our concerns were space and the sale price was still more than we wanted to pay.


I found this little kid kitchen, (about 16×11 inches) with an oven on one side and a fridge on the other, at Goodwill near Parham around Christmas time. It’s so cute! AND it only set us back $10. We found the metal pots and pans at Ikea. There’s a ton of felt food on Etsy and wooden play food at World of Mirth. But we picked up a huge set of plastic playfood at the dollar store for around $5 for now. I’d like to make some felt food (I have a couple of patterns) but I might have to enlist my mother-in-law’s help. I could probably handle some felt bowtie pasta.


A couple of days ago I pulled his little kitchen into the grown up kitchen and we made some play dough food. Here Owen is whipping up some of his famous spagetti and meatballs (He’s saying “Cheeeese.”). I also found a grab bag of cool play dough “tools” for a couple bucks at the fan thrift store that help make the noodls.

img_4689 Playdough eggs were easy to make. I’m not sure how Owen knew to flip them with a spatual. Kids are incredible!

img_46781 I helped Owen make some letter “cookies.” This cute little rolling pin was a gift from my  mom and is perfect for little hands. I found a playdough alphabet and numbers  set at Big Lots.

img_4707 Here are the play dough tools. There is also a power drill and screw driver.


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