Outdoor fun.

This weather is unbelievable! Owen and I played at Patrick Henry park across the street all day Wednesday. He got to sit in the firetrucks again and we kicked a ball around, ran around like maniacs and blew bubbles (Gazillion Bubbles are the best!). We met Henry and Girly-girl (2 dogs) and their human Mary. Then we walked to Captain Buzzy’s and split an applesauce scone. I just love Church Hill. It is such a friendly/awesome neighborhood. I’ve decided to start doing regular blogs highlighting some of my favorite features. The warm, at-home-feeling I have here is hard to put into words though.

Yesterday Owen and I went to Chimborazo playground. Leo (3) and his mom Joan came over to play (they live right across the street). Leo and Owen went nuts tackling each other and diving into the leaves. Joan also works part time and our boys got along really well so we are planning to get together again on Tuesday.

Saturday my friends partner John watched Owen for us while Don and I both worked. Their son Kai is five. A family friend brought their kindergartner over to play and Owen had a blast. John said he kept up with the big kids like a champ! They were outside all day. I know it’s February, but I’m going to be so sad when it gets cold again. We’ve been spoiled.

Normally I like to clean/pick-up in the morning so I can have the peace of mind that our house is clean and THEN go outside. It’s been so beautiful that I’ve turned over a new leaf. The vacuum cleaner can wait. Folded laundry is not that important when it’s 65 degrees outside in February!


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