Just shoot me.

I want to pay off my credit card. That’s all I want to do. Once that’s done we can put our savings towards a down payment on a house – not debt. This shouldn’t be such a tall order but I’m I beginning to think this is never ever EVER going to happen. First my car dies. Which is fine for now. We can manage with one car. Eventually it’s going to start becoming a nuisance. So plan B? Pay off credit card. Save up a couple thousand dollars. Buy wholesale car. Continue to live car payment free. Save for down payment.

Yesterday, Don got a raise. Super exciting! Every little bit helps… today Don’s laptop screen went out. Which he needs for work. So that has to be replaced immediately. Which means that the $2,500 we just payed off on the credit card will now be cut in half. Argh! And we were so close!

And just to annoy me our pilot light for the hot water heater went out again…Then the most persnickety customer ever called me…AND have to go in to work on my night off for a customer (who is wonderful – but still). If it’s not one thing it’s another. I’m crossing my fingers that the Altima stay in one piece. Happy Friday the 13th!

So Plan C? I give up.


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