Ode to Orange.


We inherited a set of vintage ’70s print, vinyl chairs from our roommate when we lived in the Fan (thanks Ms. Jenn). I’ve been in love with all things orange ever since. Pictured above, from left to right, and top to bottom:

1.) The best kids shoes on the planet (from Nai Nai)
2.) Orange rice cooker (thanks again Evergreen) and ’50s astronaut juice glass from antique store in the Northern Neck.
3.) Billy Holiday. From a book of vintage record graphics from 1940-1960
4.) Mr. Potato Head’s feet
5.) Play wonder race car from Target
6.) The chair that started it all
7.) Knit sweater from Nai Nai
8.) “Picaso” hanging in O’s room
9.) Orange teapot. Wedding present from April and Garreth. http://www.orangeteapot.com…Seriously!!!
10.)Floor cushions from Ikea
11.) my wallet
12.) February 2009 Dwell magazine
13.) wooden train/block set

…to name a few. I recently discovered this blog. Jessica Jones is a women after my own heart.

best. chairs. ever.

best. chairs. ever.


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