Thrifty Thursday: the dress-up box

Owen pretending to be a chicken.

Owen pretending to be a chicken.

Unplugged-play is back by popular demand. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist (or a parenting trend) to know that allowing kids to play creatively and freely is a good thing. Yes, my two-year-old watches television. I’m not a Nazi about it. If it wasn’t for that thirty minute block of Blues Clues in the morning I probably wouldn’t shower for months at a time. Besides, Owen loves it. (Okay, throw in a Disney Pixar movie once or twice a month too.) Other than that, if we’re inside, the TV stays off during the day. And we prefer toys that don’t require batteries, just brain power.

“Electronic games are pre programmed with finite possible responses, they limit the imagination. A child who draws, paints, builds and invents experiences a creativity that has no boundaries.”
–Bobbi Conner, author of Unplugged Play: No batteries. No plugs. Pure fun.

I’ve been putting together a Dress-up Box for Owen over the last year. It would be silly to buy any of that kind of stuff new. Thrift stores are perfect for this. I found some great stuff around Halloween at Fantastic Thrift, Diversity Thrift and Goodwill. Ikea had some cute, cheap masks around that time as well (see photo above).

Dress-up was one of my favorite activities as a kid, and one I hope Owen will like as well. It’s fun watching him enter into the “make-believe” phase: pretending to eat fake food or feeding it to a stuffed animal, wearing Mom and Dad’s shoes. Lately Owen has decided that he is a big league baseball player.

the dress-up box

the dress-up box

Here’s what we have so far:
Fire fighters hat
Construction work hat (complete with anti-scab stickers)
Velvet magicians cape
Bumble-bee costume
Lion and Hippo costume
clip on ties
various hats (straw, and derby hats)
scarves and boas
tool box and tools
feather Mardi Gras masks




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