Isa’s Hats

Stephanie Boarman.

Isa's hats. Photo credit: Stephanie Boarman.

I got this letter from my friend Stephanie this morning. What a sobbering thing:

Dear friends – I have a childhood friend, a best friend, that has a sick a little girl. this is the kind of sickness we all fear. She has leukemia. You can read about their journey to date on the blog link above.
As parents, we all pray that we will dodge this bullet. So, when it hits someone close to you, you feel it in many ways. You feel selfish relief that it wasn’t yours. You feel guilt that maybe when you dodged, it them. You feel excruciating fear, anger, rage and sadness for the people you care about. You feel past mistakes you’ve made with your own kids, with your family, friends and loved ones. Finally, you start to hold your breath waiting for the moment you hear that everything is going to be okay. This all happens in the first 60 minutes.

When the sobbing is done you start to take action. I have started to take action. I am hoping to raise money for this family while they are dislocated living in an apartment close to the hospital while Isa undergoes treatment. Raising money to offset the expenses they are incurring so they can be close to their daughter through this whole process is the best I can do for them now. The last thing you should have to worry about when your daughter is fighting for health – is how you are going to afford to buy dish soap, or disinfectant, or groceries, or gas money, etc. They are also hoping to raise money for the hospital wagons (which you can read about in the blog above). This is a good family that will pay it forward when their crises is done, and they come across someone else in need of help.
So – I am selling hats for Isa. These hats are $15.00 each and every penny (minus the cost to buy the materials) will go straight to her family. Oh yeah – and they are SUPER COOL

Please order from my website – tell me how many you want and what sizes. I will also be entertaining help to produce these. My expectations are high for all of you, I expect a flood of orders! when that happens I will be calling on my sewing friends to come over and help me knock these puppies out!

Thank you dear friends

Here is the family’s blog:


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