You can keep it.

We were in Northern Ohio for my best friends wedding this past weekend (which was fabulous, and wonderful). The morning of her wedding was a level 2 snow advisory, meaning, “Don’t be on the road unless it’s absolutely necessary.” Level 3 means, “We will ticket you if you are stupid enough to be out in this mess.”

People in Richmond THINK they want snow. They say they want a White Christmas. And, my personal favorite, “If it’s going to be cold we might as well have snow.” First off,  35-40 degrees is not cold. Snow = 22 degrees (and lower. Much, much lower). Twenty-two degrees is cold. And secondly, it doesn’t stay pretty. It turns into wet, grayish, crap and if you don’t want to hibernate for a couple months (or if you are from Ohio — or something crazy like Upstate New York — winter lasts for-ev-er) you will eventually have to leave your house in this:

You can't see the road? Yeah, we couldn't either.

You can't see the road? Yeah, we couldn't either.


See the people behind me? They are ducking there heads and covering there faces and running to the car. Why? Because it was freakin’ freezing!!!! I understand, there are those folks out there that LIVE for snow. They (claim) to LOVE it. I’m convinced they are just making the best of a bad situation.

Ohio. You can keep the snow. No. Thank. You.

By-the-way: Here’s the beautiful bride on her wedding day. She was GORGEOUS! Totally worth the trek through the snow.

Don Mark.

Photo credit: Don Mark.



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2 responses to “You can keep it.

  1. We honeymooned in Montana in January. We love snow. We love cold. Bite me. LOL

  2. donmarkphoto

    I’m considering the source. You crazy.

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