Rainy Days.


So much for the nice weather.  Low 40’s and raining. While there was just a drizzle Owen and I spent the morning walking around the neighborhood stomping in mud puddles. It took us about an hour to walk seven blocks. I don’t think Owen missed a single puddle and his match box cars got to go for a ride over the brick sidewalks. Lots of great photo-ops. But Don would’ve killed me if I took our camera out in the rain.

Last Thursday we had a cold pouring rain (not fun for puddle stomping) so we made tents. Prototype one was constructed out of sheets and the kitchen table and chairs. It was fun while it lasted. Owen didn’t know to be cautious when running in and out so the roof eventually collapsed. For Version 2.o I cheated and brought out the Ikea Igloo and tethered a sheet to the couch and loft steps to make a bigger entrance. Owen loved it. This is how we spent the better part of the day.



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  1. Josie is jealous of the tent!

    But… she said, “Owen! It Owen Momma! He takin’ a bath!!”

    Maybe she doesn’t know what she’s jealous of! LOL

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