Thrifty Thursday: Global Economic Crisis Edition

You may have already heard — the Saturn bit the dust. Transmission. Needless to say, the timing wasn’t ideal. Nor is my car worthy of a new (or used) transmission. After much debate we’ve decided to try the one-car-family thing. First off, we live in the city. We are eight blocks from Don’s office. In fact our entire neighborhood is very walkable. According to it gets a 74 out of 100. Not shabby. With my part-time work schedule sharing the car isn’t a problem. And there’s always Budget Rental car in a pinch.

Attempting to make such a drastic cut (by American standards) got us thinking about other ways to save money (we are in an economic crisis don’t cha’ know?). Aside from not having a car payment because we are not replacing the Saturn, we wouldn’t have to pay for insurance or VA property tax on a second car. We’ll probably use less gas. I tend to walk a lot, but with only one car we’ll probably be walking a whole lot more. So who needs a gym membership? YMCA also got the ax.

Next on the list of things to go? Cable. No, you aren’t seeing things. We cancelled the cable. I still can’t believe that Don agreed to it. Don and I don’t watch TV during the day and the shows we enjoy are on regular TV, with the exception of The Daily Show (which is online). He’s going to miss ESPN and I am really going to miss the DVR box (I don’t remember the last time I had to sit through a commercial) but I’m sure we’ll live… in fact we’ll probably be better people for it. We have cell phones so the land line is getting the boot. High speed internet stays…no matter how bad the economy gets!

The grand total in savings from all this sacrifice? A whopping $3,000 a year!! I guess we aren’t doing are part to stimulate the economy. However, being able to put that extra money away feels pretty good.


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