We’re Back! Thanksgiving Day Edition.


While Mom was busy cooking for us (thanks Mom), and Evergreen went around the house making Mom’s houseplants look fabulous (mayo and water. Who knew?), the rest of us played Risk before dinner. Apparently I’m horrible at rolling dice and was out of the game within minutes. Dad told me not to go to vegas. Touche’. Holly kicked everyone’s ass. She is the red-head plotting world domination in the photo below.


Our family has Thanksgiving dinner (emphasis being dinner) later in the day so Dad took us hiking in Wakeman. Even in the middle of nature our family manages to bring up controversial topics and argue. This was a nice moment with Dane and Jen several minutes prior to the political/morality throw down of 2008.


My FIL was unable to come to Ohio for Thanksgiving. However, King saved the day by asking some colleagues to bring a bottle or rice wine back from China. One shot (more like sip) later and the day had a happy ending.


I love you all. I have so much to be thankful for.


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