Felt Board

I’ve been working on a felt board for Owen. Lois Ehlert has written a slew of children’s books and the pictures are perfect for felt board pieces. I used the book In My World  to make some critters. Planting a Rainbow and Color Zoo will be good for more ideas on shapes and patterns. 


I also made some different colored trucks and they’ve been a big hit (copied them off etsy). We “load” matching bean bags on them and they’ve been great for educational play. 




Filed under homemade toys

3 responses to “Felt Board

  1. Lilia's Mommy

    Love the critters, very cute!

  2. domesticbetty

    I am so impressed!! These are great!

  3. Mark Nielsen

    I was poking around in the archive. Saw the reference to Lois Ehlert and had to comment. She’s my six-year-old’s fave author, by far. Chicka Chicka 123 taught him to count to 100 by age 3 or 4. ANd I agree (as a teacher and parent) the art is perfect for feltboards. Lucky boy you got there…

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