Amy Ray, Keith Olbermann and Disney

Beth Allums

Photo Credit: Beth Allums

Nothing makes a bad day better like listening to angry women on guitars in a room full of lesbians. (text to April Musser).

So true sister (text to Morgan Mark)

So I would like to dedicate the song “Least Complicated” by the Indigo Girls (Because Brother Dane once said, “This song makes me wish I were a lesbian.”) to all of the folks at the Amy Ray concert, Keith Olbermann, and anyone else who is saddened by the passage of Prop 8 (And if you like music, Amy Ray does an amazing live show).

While I was listening to live music and then have a wonderful adult conversation and drinking Newcastle at McCormicks with my friend Beth, Don was babysitting our boys and watching “Cars”. God Bless him.

Andy and Owen watching cars while wear cars p.j's and/or lightning mcqueen house slippers.

Andy and Owen watching Cars.

Andy and Beth, Owen says thanks for the Lightning McQueen house slippers. We took Owen to Disney on Ice on Friday night. As far as he is concerned he’s seen the entire “cast” of the movie in person!


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One response to “Amy Ray, Keith Olbermann and Disney

  1. Chloe

    Daniel: What music is this?
    Me: The Indigo Girls
    Daniel: It sounds kind of religious.
    Me: Um…it’s two lesbians…so kind of?
    Daniel: Are you sure?

    Glad you got to see her show. I have heard Amy is amazing (and maybe gay)

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