Oatmeal is so underrated.

Owen starts every morning with a bowl of oatmeal. We started using steel cut oats instead of the instant stuff. They taste better and are better for you. The down side is they take 20-30 minutes to make. Every Monday I make a big patch and then just reheat in the morning (who has 30 min to make breakfast… with a toddler. I’m not crazy). It’s worth the wait, no matter how you do it. These are Owen’s favorites. 

Oatmeal a la Owen
Owen loves raisins more than anything else on Earth. No. That’s wrong. Baseball is first. Raisins are a close second. Mom and Dad? Distant third. 

steel cut oats
unsweetened applesauce
dash of cinnamon
1 splenda packet 

Add applesauce to cooked oatmeal (cools it off). Put raisins in small dish. Add water. Microwave until plump (20 sec). Stir in cinnamon and splenda. mmmm….

Owen’s Fancy Smancy Oatmeal
Pumpkin adds fiber. This is my personal favorite. 

steel cut oats
3 T canned pure pumpkin
1 T maple syrup
1/4 t cinnamon

Cook/reheat oats. Stir in remaining ingredients. Enjoy.  

Earlier this week Owen helped bake some oatmeal cookies. I measured, he poured and stirred (with a little help). They aren’t a healthy snack by any stretch of the imagination, but we had fun and they turned out pretty darn good.  

oatmeal cookies

Oatmeal Fruit Cookies

12 cup butter
1/2 cup oil
1 cup sugar
2 T molasses or honey 

In a large bowl cream together with an electric mixer until light and fluffy, craping bowl frequently.

1 egg
2 t vanilla

Beat in.

2 1/2 c rolled oats (regular ‘ol instant stuff)
1 1/2 c whole wheat flour
1 – 1 1/2 cups diced dried fruits: cherries, blueberries, apricots, raisins, cranberries, currants
1 cup grated coconuts or nuts (chopped)
1 t baking soda

Combine separately. Add dry mixture to the creamed mixture in about 3 additions, stirring just until thoroughly mixed. Add a little extra flour if mixture seems too wet. Drop by rounded teaspoons on greased baking sheets.


For chewy cookies: Bake in preheated oven at 325F until just set, 18-20 minutes. Immediately remove from pans and place directly onto clean countertop or table surface. As soon as cookies are cool put into air-tight containers.

For crisp cookies: Bake in preheated over at 375F until centers spring back, 11-13 min. Watch carefully to avoid burning.



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5 responses to “Oatmeal is so underrated.

  1. Vittoria

    Im loving your blog girl…your a natural blog artist (or whatever)! I want to SQUEEZE that baby, he’s too cute for words.

  2. Shannon

    Hey this is Shannon (momtojessandemmy) from RM, I love your blog. I love to read what people write and you have amazing stuff here.
    Owen is a cutie.

  3. donmarkphoto

    Thanks girls!

  4. Maryellen

    We love oatmeal too!
    We do a applesauce rendition really similar to yours.
    Evelyn’s particular favorite is with some peanut butter and brown. It tastes like peanut butter cookies. yum.

  5. Maryellen

    brown sugar….. lol

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