Thrifty Thursday

I hate shopping. Let me qualify that. I hate malls. I hate the florescent lights, smell, and the crowds of major department stores. I don’t go out on Black Friday. I don’t do “retail therapy” (that’s what wine and friends are for). My closet isn’t full of 40 pairs of shoes I don’t wear. I think people who buy things on the shopping network need help. Serious Help. 

On the flip side, I adore thrift stores, used books stores, used books at thrift stores, antique shops, yard sales and I’ll add craigslist to the mix (it’s like going to a garage sale from home).

However, I don’t consider this shopping. It’s more like sport. There’s the adrenaline rush of success. When you find something super cool, fantastic and in your size, kitch, or a funky orange (i love orange) thing before anyone else did.  And the agony of defeat. When, no matter how long you stare at them, those camel colored, Ralph Lauren sling back heals for $5 (!!!!) they will never fit on your feet. 

It’s smart on so many levels. First, the environmentalist in me smiles because raw materials were not used to produce my new find. Second, the economical side of me cheers because it makes more since to pay $.25 for that children’s book vs. $15 for the new version. And lastly, it’s just good karma. Those things you no longer need or want or like become useful, loved or destroyed by someone else.

Disclaimer: Folks, clean out there closets BEFORE the stuff that you weren’t using anyway goes out of style. Nobody should be wearing your old polyester pant suits with the larger than life shoulder pads. I don’t care if you ARE giving it away! That’s just wrong!

So I would like to take a moment every Thursday to brag about my second hand finds of past and present. I’ll start this blog segment with my favorite find to date: 
This lamp was found at an antique store in Forest Hill. I was actually there looking for a Christmas present for Don (old vintage cameras) about this time last year. It need a good home. And I got it for a song. 


These little kitten heel shoes (The Naturalizer) were found at The Fantastic Thrift on Cary Street, in the fan. The were in mint condition and $9.95 Waaay more than I would normally spend at a thrift store, however, they were something I would’ve bought new – if i did that sort of thing. (Their stuff retails between $40-80). I also found an awesome pair of Enzo Angiolini sling backs for $3 (retail: $98). Light scuffs on the very tip of toes, but they’re leather so it gives them character.   



Yesterday I dropped off some stuff in the fan and found a set of hardcover Paddington Bear books (colors, ABC, 123, and Opposites) for $.99. I’m not sure why, but the 1990 copyright version (which these are) of the Opposites book is being sold on for $65 –  $101. Um? Attention shoppers… I’ll gladly sell it too you for half that!



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2 responses to “Thrifty Thursday

  1. Girl! I got a Chicco umbrella stroller – a new one – for $14.95 at Fan Thrift this morning. We also got a Barbie with funky-fresh blue-Sharpie-dyed hair too!

    You’ll be proud to know I am sorting through toys and am trying to reduce by more than half. Want anything??

  2. donmarkphoto

    I love that place! I think the slump in the economy is cutting into my thrift store shopping experience however. LOL. It must be catching on because that place has been picked over big time lately! I found Owen a fire fighters hat (and a construction workers hat with Union stickers all over it) for $.75 each. But the kiddy section has been slim pickings lately.

    Owen loves hand-me-down-josie-and-mitchell toys. Let me know what you’ve got. ( And I am proud. You’ll be getting rid of all the stuff just in time for the on-slot of x-mas gift in the next couple of months 🙂 )

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